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At Cantera 1910 Boutique Hotel you will be able to experience San Miguel de Allende like never before.
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Mezcal tasting

Mezcal tasting


Tasting of Mezcals from different regions of the country, handcrafted and with limited production, accompanied by snacks that surprise the palate.

The service provided is of minimum contact and with personalized assistance from the Sommelier and the Chef of the house.

Approximate duration 2 hours.


Two hours before the experience:
-Not having ingested coffee.
-Not having smoked tobacco.
-Not having used mouthwash.
-Not to have ingested irritants in excess.
Use as little perfume or lotion as possible so as not to interfere with the aromas.
Ask any questions you may have during the session.
If you choose a garden or outdoors for your experience, it is recommended to use mosquito repellent.


Taste the incredible mezcal

Taste one of the most emblematic drinks of our country, which is extracted from the sacred plants of the whole region: the agave.