Cantera 1910

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At Cantera 1910 Boutique Hotel you will be able to experience San Miguel de Allende like never before.
Discover our gastronomic, culinary, enological, artistic, architectural and outdoor experiences. What kind of experience do you want to live in San Miguel de Allende?

Premium wine tasting

Premium Wine Tasting


Introducing unique labels in the destination, from regions known for their quality, history and prestige, through a private and personalized session, accompanied by appetizers of the house Chef’s choice.

The service provided is of minimum contact and with personalized assistance from the Sommelier and the Chef of the house.

Approximately 2 hours of duration.


Two hours before the experience:
-Not having drunk coffee.
-Not having smoked tobacco.
-No mouthwash.
-Not having ingested irritants in excess.
Use as little perfume or lotion as possible so as not to interfere with the aromas.
Ask any questions that come up during the session.
In case you choose a garden or outdoors for your experience, it is recommended to use mosquito repellent.


Sergio Legorreta

Chief Concierge, with more than 25 years of experience providing the highest quality service in the hotel industry, as well as an experienced Sommelier and a great connoisseur of the wine culture.